You have a strong sense of self


Self-discovery is a long journey but when people make noticeable progress, it’s a sign of high intelligence.

You’re empathetic


Empathy is a main principle of emotional intelligence, and for good reason.

You love solitude


Intelligent people value their alone time to recharge, introspect, and pursue personal interests and projects.

You’re curious


Your eagerness to learn is indicative of true intelligence.

You're good observer


Observation is a skill that can be developed and it suggests intelligence. It can come in the form of good awareness of surroundings, strong attention to detail, and an eye for patterns.

You have a good memory


Working memory refers to the ability for people to store specific pieces of information and recall them to help with present experiences.

You know your limits


Intelligent people don’t believe they know everything. They also don’t pretend that they do. Instead, they reflect on their own limitations and flaws and try to improve them.

You’re adaptable


It links to resilience, the ability to recover from difficult events. People with this kind of intelligence may be unafraid of change and uncertainty, since they know they can bounce back.